Want to read through the whole Bible this year? It can seem like a daunting task, I know. It’s a big book with several different types of literature. And it’s easy to get lost or bogged down. Where do you start? How do you keep at it? What’s the best approach?


Well, there are a multitude of answers to those questions. But the best counsel I can give you is just to do it. Start it and then stick with it. If you get behind, that’s okay. Catch up if you can or just start again at that day’s reading. The truth is, with a little discipline, it’s easier than you might think. In fact, you can read through the whole Bible in less than a year if you just read fifteen minutes a day.


So here are a few practical tips. One, determine the best time of the day for you to do it and consistently keep it at that time. If you don’t set a regular time, it will all too easily become an irregular and infrequent exercise. Two, determine a place that is conducive to reading and thinking. Otherwise, you will be easily distracted. And three, pick a Bible reading plan that works for you. There are a variety of plans available today, so you’ve got plenty of freedom and flexibility when choosing. Bible reading plans can be very helpful tools because they keep you on track, provide you with a built-in source of accountability, and give you a way to measure your progress as you go.


If you need help finding one, below are some web addresses for PDFs of different Bible reading plans that are available for you to print and utilize. They differ in their approach, so browse the different ones and see which one you think will be a good fit for you.


Read the Bible for Life Chronological Plan


Read the Bible for Life 4+1 Plan


Robert Murray M’Cheyne Plan


The Discipleship Journal Reading Plan


Engage Scripture Reading Plan


10 Different Options from Crossway for the ESV


5 Days a Week Bible Reading Program