About Our Student Ministry

Student Ministry

The student ministry of First Baptist Church welcomes students from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We exist so that every student can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and so that personal discipleship can take root in their lives. Our goal is to equip students to share their faith with others and to create a genuine love for Christ. We commit to building relationships and to encouraging, training, and developing our students to make an impact in their world.


Sunday Mornings

Life Groups

Life Groups

10:30 AM

On Sundays we provide the opportunity for students to participate in gender-specific and age-specific Life Groups. These groups meet at 10:30 AM in the youth room. This is a great opportunity for students to be engaged in and encouraged through the teaching of God’s Word.

Wednesday Evenings


After Glow


6:00 PM


The idea of AfterGlow comes from Exodus 33 and 34 where Moses encounters God’s glory. After giving the people of Israel the Ten Commandments and renewing God’s covenant between them, the people noticed something different about Moses. After encountering God’s glory, Moses’ skin was actually glowing. His life was forever changed because he had an encounter with God. So many times we come to church not expecting to have an encounter with God.

Often our hearts and minds are so focused on the issues of life we sometimes fail to listen and hear from the Lord when we enter into His house. What would happen if we did come to church expecting to experience an encounter with God? Although we don’t necessarily believe we would be glowing like Moses, we do believe we could walk away knowing we were in the very presence of God.

During our AfterGlow service we challenge our students and ourselves to seek and become closer to God. It’s a time where we come to worship, listen and apply His Word in our lives, ask Him to reveal anything in our hearts and mind that hinder us from experiencing His purpose for our lives, and build up His church. Our desire is that every time we come to church we leave having an experience with Christ as we grow closer in Him (Jerm. 29:13).


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The student ministry is also committed to help serve and support parents of teenagers. Our desire is to see Christ “turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6). We desperately want to see moms and dads take on the role of spiritual leader in their homes. This student ministry is dedicated to building relationships with parents, communicating clearly with parents, treating parents with respect, and helping parents better understand the world of their teenager.


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