Student Ministry

The Student Ministry at First Baptist Church exists to help the gospel take root in the lives of middle schoolers and high schoolers. We welcome students from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our goal is to equip students in our ministry to be faithful followers of Christ who share the gospel and glorify God with their lives. We are committed to helping students develop transformative relationships with Jesus Christ.

Life Groups

Life Groups

10:30 AM

On Sundays, we provide the opportunity for students to participate in gender-specific and age-specific Life Groups. These groups meet at 10:30 A.M. In the youth room. This is a great opportunity for students to be engaged in and encouraged through the teaching of. God’s word.

After Glow


6:00 PM

The Idea for our AfterGlow service comes from Exodus 33 and 34, where Moses encounters God’s glory after receiving the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. When he returned to the Israelites, his skin was glowing. It physically radiated the glory of the Lord, and his life was transformed forever because he encountered God.

Often when we come to church, the Lord’s house, we don’t expect to encounter Him. Our hearts and minds are so focused on the issues of life we fail to listen and hear from God, and we miss the beauty of His glory. What would 

happen if we came to church expecting to actually encounter the presence of God? We might not come away physically glowing like Moses, but we would be transformed and renewed like him.

Our hope for AfterGlow service is that it is a space where our students seek the Lord and draw close to Him each week. It’s a time where we gather to worship, listen and apply His Word in our lives. We ask Him to reveal anything in our hearts and minds that hinders us from glorifying Him, walking in obedience and building up His church. Our desire is that every time we come to church we leaving more in love with Christ (Jerm. 29:13).

Life Transformation Groups

Life Transformation Groups are closed groups designed for accountability, scripture memorization and in-depth Bible Study. They are gender specific and have one leader and no more than three students per group. The goal of these groups is to disciple students so that their walk with the Lord deepens, and equip them to make disciples on their own. We use Bible study content from Southwestern Seminary, which you can read more about at

Turning Point Weekend

Once a year, the student ministry retreats together to rest, grow closer together and reevaluate personal growth in Christ. Our hope is that Turning Point Weekends would be a chance for students to think honestly about their walks with the Lord, repent from burdens hindering their faithfulness, and come away refreshed. This weekend is open to grades 6-12.

Middle School Retreat

In the fall, the student ministry puts together a weekend retreat just for our 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Students and adult volunteers spend quality time with one another and God’s Word.

Fall Creek Falls Camp

Each summer we attend a week-long camp at Fall Creek Falls State Park. Two other churches join with us. Camp is open to students who have completed at least sixth grade.

Mission Opportunities

We believe every follower of Christ is commanded to be part of spreading the Gospel to every nation so that all people may know the Lord. We want to give our students opportunities to obey this Great Commission, and we currently have two different mission opportunities for students each year.

Mission Memphis

We partner with World Relief in Memphis, TN.

South Africa

We partner with the International Mission Board’s International World Changers program to take students to South Africa each summer for ten days. While there, we work with pastors in South Africa to reach the lost and encourage local churches. This is a multigenerational mission trip open to incoming high school sophomores with previous missions experience.


We believe God designed parents to be the primary spiritual leaders for their children. As a student ministry, we are deeply committed to serving and supporting parents of teenagers so that they can lead their teenagers into deeper relationships with Christ. We are dedicated to building relationships with parents, communicating clearly with them, respecting them and helping them better understand the world of their teenager. Our desire is to see Christ “turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6).